This is Jim Evans' Generic Web Page

(and I swear that I'll redesign it someday)

It's actually sort of embarassing to have such a lame webpage, being
that I'm a gEEky engineer who's been using the 'Net since 1990.
(Yes, notice that I said 'Net, not Web.)

Personal summary: A man with too many hobbies


Here's a picture of my car from the Spring of 2002
(No, it doesn't really have flat spots on the tires. That's my lame photoshop skills)
It's a 1995 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am with a six speed transmission.
Click here for a list of my modifications.

UPDATE 10/10/2004: I finally got some good runs at the dragstrip last Friday.
I ran a 12.595@114.13 mph on street tires (Fuzion ZRi 275/40/17 @ 33.5psi), so I am rather happy.
Here's my timeslip scanned in.
Here's a link to how I modified the IAC passageway on my 58mm AS&M Throttle Body.

Click here to see a picture of my truck (before the CB antenna and Borla exhaust).
Here's another picture of my truck, this time showing a reason for four wheel drive.

Click here to see my dog's web site.
(Yes, my dog has her own web site....)

I bought a new Yamaha FZ6 on April 8th, 2004. It's a lot more comfortable than my previous bike, but it's still a bit sporty.
Here's a picture of my new 'cycle.

Actually, I put up a page for my FZ6. Check it out here.

Click here to see a picture of me (in leather) standing next to my FZ6 at Pocono raceway on 09/12/2004.
I ride with the Reduc motorcycle club.
Click here and here to see me riding my previous motorcycle on the racetrack.
I've made a separate web page with my train links on it. Click here to go there.
Hey, I'm a Christian. :-)

I'm technically still a member of BranchCreek Community Church, which is located in Harleysville, PA.
It's a non-denominational church with contemporary services. (e.g. less politics and cool music!)
I especially recommend the Saturday night Encounter service with Pastor Dave Detwiler.
Dave is a gifted pastor and he also married my wife and I. :)

Due to a 30+ minute drive to BranchCreek (and the liberalization of their Sunday service and children's program....),
We started attending a great church closer to where we live. It's called Morning Star Fellowship,
and they are located in Bechtelsville Pennsylvania. They are an
Assemblies of God church with contemporary music and an awesome service.
My wife and I are now members there and it's an amazing, spirit filled chuch!

If you have any questions about what I believe, feel free to drop me an email. ()
I definitely don't have all of the answers, but I'll do my best to share with you what I know!

If you live in Eastern Pennsylvania and are looking for a good Christian Contemporary radio station,
tune into 88.9 WBYO, also known as The Word FM. Their web site even lets you listen online.

Jim's Flickr Photostream
Here are some photos that I have up on Flickr
Click here to see my Sellersville flood page....
(My apartment was apparently in a flood plain, which I was not informed of when I moved in)

Here are my pictures from the Memphis 2000 National F-body Motorsports Event

These were taken before I owned a digital camera, so they are scanned 35mm prints.
Click here to see the pictures

Here are my pictures from the Memphis 2001 National F-body Motorsports Event

Tuesday, May 8th
Wednesday, May 9th
Thursday, May 10th
Friday, May 11th
Saturday, May 12th
Sunday, May 13th

Here are my pictures from the Memphis 2002 National F-body Motorsports Event

My trip from PA to Memphis, TN
Thursday, June 13th
Friday, June 14th
Saturday, June 15th
My trip back from Memphis, TN to PA

Here are my pictures from the Indy 2003 National F-body Motorsports Event

Picture link page

Here are my pictures from the Indy 2004 National F-body Motorsports Event

Wednesday June 2, 2004
Thursday June 3, 2004
Friday June 4, 2004
Saturday June 5, 2004

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